Thanks, World Wide Web!

fat banishing tapewormsJust this week alone the Internet has delivered me pictures of women pretending to like being stepped on and having smoke blown in their faces.

Then there was that ad for losing weight by hiring a tapeworm. – and I don’t doubt that there are at least some people out there just dying to bring one aboard and watch the pounds melt away.

Every singe day I’m amazed by this Internet, this tangled web we have woven, and the way it has worked its stretchy little tendrils into all our lives.

English Ivy has nothing on the worldwide web. Call it electronic kudzu.

This morning Facebook is what has me shaking my head webwise. People keep telling me they can’t find me on Facebook and sure enough when I look for Terry Marotta all I find is a page belonging to someone who sees dead people.

So I began a search for myself under my maiden name, which yielded up the wildly entertaining My Space page of an Irish lad. Here is what he wrote of himself at the time:

“Hay my name is terry sheehy and im 17 going out with susan browne i love u susan !… i like to play basketball football i also like to watch UFC and figthing sports.. Thanks to my fab sis whoohooo and just want to say befor i go to bed just leve a coment and ill comment u back. i like action films and films that kinda do with shit that im interested in and also comedy and going to the cinema.”

Pretty adorable kid, if not the best grammarian! I mean, right?  It just shows you:  even if you CAN’T find your own little self reflected in the big electronic mirror, you can have some pretty good laughs just the same.

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