Old Ads: Gotta Hate ’em

blow in her face

Anyone remember this one? “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere?”

I was around when women looked like this. I had that hairstyle. I’d put that at around 1968, ’69 and maybe it’s because I went to a women’s college but I’m pretty sure most women were on to this bill of goods the admen were trying to sell people.

That women liked you to be a little rough.

That showing a sort of casual disregard was catnip to the ladies.

That we all secretly LIKED being put in our place and degraded just a little.

Not so hard to believe advertisers would try that; in fact they’re trying it still.

But the blatancy of it: hard to believe this came out so soon before Oprah took to the air and shined her great spotlight on so many ugly things.

And check out this image below? One long damn way from Helen Reddy’s famous I Am Woman Hear Me Roar anthem eh?

man stepping on woman's head


It just kind of  leaves you speechless.

8 thoughts on “Old Ads: Gotta Hate ’em

  1. Thank you for this reminder. Reading about sexual assault in the military and of women working in agricultural jobs makes me reflect that the ads may have changed a bit, but sexual abuse has not.

  2. As a young woman I LOVED the movie Blowup and I saw it in the recent past and couldn’t believe how misogynistic it is. I used to love anything Vanessa Redgrave was in. Glad I have changed since then. Agree with Peggy Lynch too.

  3. Anyone who tells you tobacco is good for you, then have==s the audacity to make you pay for lung cancer, has got to be just a touch loony! ‘Mad Men’ my ass!

  4. That would explain the high incidence of domestic violence of men towards women and the men wondering what they are doing wrong. “But the commercial said we can and Should do this!” would be their response. How Scary. Also explains the high rate of anorexia with all the malnourished models in magazines and commercials. As long as they continue to promote such lunacy, these events will continue to happen and transpire.



    Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 09:38:58 +0000 To: pschlossberg@msn.com

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