We Did It. We passed Another Marker

Forty-three years married. Forty-five years since we forsook all others. This is what our life is like now, only the person pictured needs a skirt and shoulder-length hair. honey where's the butter021 Thanks for finding everything Dave! Thanks for looking after me!

Thanks for the good wished yesterday everyone and.. Happy Weekend!

Author: Terry Marotta

I am syndicated columnist, blogger and author who loves any chance to give talks about the ease of first-person writing.

3 thoughts on “We Did It. We passed Another Marker”

  1. Hard to believe that Rusty and I were last at your Lake House in June of 2007, persuaded to watch James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano fade to black. Today our goal is to entice you join us in San Diego’s Little Italy and environs, gazing at the Pacific while turning brown and pink

  2. Really? In our house, it’s definitely the uterus that’s a tracking device. (My husband has asked me where “we” keep the bread. And the clean sheets and towels…)

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