Hilarious? Hmmmm, Nope

thylane-loubry-blondeauPeople are always saying this is hilarious, that is hilarious: it’s beginning to really bother me.

Some things are funny, sure, but hilarious suggests such an over-the-top reaction to a thing that might, only might, tickle your funny bone it puts me off.

Plus, not to sound like a grouch here, but I don’t think you get to say “Oh, listen to this, it’s hilarious.”

I mean, the person himself has to decide what’s funny, no? Otherwise it’s just the hard sell. It’s like what advertisers, or the media, do with sex vis-à-vis young people:

They take it away from them, take away what is rightfully theirs to find out about, trick it up and try selling it back to them.

It makes me feel a mite queasy, you know?