Ready For Summer

callie set for summer This is me when the sun finally came out Monday, and these are my goals for summer 2013:

One, protect my noggin from those harmful UV Rays. I’m all set in that department, as you can see.

Two, tone up my arms, which are looking a mite doughy after the long winter.

Three, keep the blue contact lenses. Yes!

My smile I’m ok with. Can’t improve on this one I figure.

OK really this is my namesake’s namesake, Caroline Theresa the fifth, called Callie.

She’s ready for summer too. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ready For Summer

  1. Just darling and your “goals” are about right. My “wings” will probably stay forever.

  2. Callie has good size hands. Her feet are probably adequate too. I never forget this warning – “Beware of little feet! ” Maybe Napoleon had them.
    This little granddaughter of yours precious beyond words!

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