Family Chaos

Pulling a Brittney times threeRain or not, you can have fun anytime when the company’s good.

These are the three people I spent the holiday weekend with.

(Edward doesn’t REALLY drive yet but it won’t be long! Nine years old and growing like a weed!)

As for the other two, they’re pretty little still.

Young David, doing the Britney Spears thing here with little Callie in his lap, still speaks with a lisp, made worse now that his has lost his first-ever tooth. How happy he was when it popped out on Saturday as the took that very first bite of cold cereal! It’s a rite of passage losing that first tooth, and he waited a long time for it.

Six-year-olds are as eager to lose a tooth as 11-year-olds are to get braces. Many other kids have them and that’s all they care. (I just thank God I came up in a house where it would never occur to my grownups to spring for that kind of luxury. I looked ok enough with my baby teeth but that sure changed when those big teeth came in! Even today, the left front tooth is trying to cross at the ankles with the right front one, as these grandchildren happily point out to me when they sit in my lap. But steel bands  right inside your head with you? I’d rather keep a ferret for a pet, and ferrets smell to high heaven.)

So here’s Little David seconds after the tooth came out, with big brother Edward helping to celebrate.

first tooth lost

And here I am in kindergarten with my own little toy-piano-key chompers.

me at age 5

And finally here is David once again, trying to sing Frères Jacques, with some Zapruder-film-style camera joggling on account of the baby, who does insist on coming right up to you to touch your eyes and step on your feet. Gotta love it though! Family Life is rich life!


3 thoughts on “Family Chaos

  1. Keep those ankles crossed and you’ll nevef get in trouble. Oh, teeth yoo say? Maybe it works for teeth too.

  2. callie eye to eye with the camera.
    could a little girl look more like her mum?
    carrie t!!!

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