Even with 4 Boys Helping

Puppy PawsHalfway through the week here and I need to catch my breath. The other day I pulled 30 square feet of English Ivy out of the ground, a vine so tenacious you fall over backwards when it finally comes loose from the soil. I felt myself strain one of my pectoral muscles someplace in there. It may have been all the raking that followed the pulling-up – and I wasn’t even alone with the task! I had four strong male teens helping!


Bryson suits up

ray & hazees hauling newsletterStill, when the night came and I had pain running down my left arm I thought, “This is it!” – until I also felt that angry pec complaining and realized it was the day’s exertions.

David and I have both been waking up at 5 with the skies so bright these mornings. “I almost died in the night of a heart attack,” I told him cheerfully.

“No you didn’t,” he said. Much of my family has dropped dead of heart which is why that time in 2001 when I fainted twice in two minutes the doctors gave me the full workup.

I see a cardiologist still though I think I can safely stop now. I don’t appear to have the Maloney heart that killed my mom, my aunt, my great-aunt, my great-grandfather and his little daughter who was ony 12. It seems I have the Sheehy heart – thanks Dad! – so whatever gets me in the end it likely won’t be heart.

Still, it gave me pause. See? There I am with them up top ha ha. So now I’m thinking Relax a little. Take a day off now and then from the blog.

So that’s what this is if makes sense to say you’re taking a day off when obviously you’re writing anyway .

The plants I put in to replace the English ivy are adorable by the way. I couldn’t be happier if I planted 12 baby bunnies out there!

baby bunnies

5 thoughts on “Even with 4 Boys Helping

  1. A few years ago, I planted 4 cuttings of English Ivy, which has now overgrown the back fence, and threatens to take over the back yard. A friend of a friend came upon a beautiful vine displaying shiny red and green leaves. She cut bunches off the vine and brought them in to fill vases in her livingroom. She wound up in the hospital. That is what happens when you fall in love with something toxic Like Poison Ivy.

    1. That last is too funny (except for the hospital part of course.)

      English Ivy, Sweetbriar, and then there’s a third. They’re choking the canopy all over the country and harming the populations that life below .. Just read about it – scary!

  2. Burning Bush is so lovely in the fall, and I have such a bush beside my front steps. It is an interloper. An invasive species. A no-no.

  3. English Ivy is an invasive exotic and you did good wrenching it out of your yard, Ter. sorry it hurt you. It has no native plant or animal to keep it under control. It’s as bad as Kudzu, the vine that ate the South, and Brazilian Pepper trees in FL. It behooves all of us to recognize exotic invasives in our region. English Ivy should be banned from the market place!

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