Even with 4 Boys Helping

Puppy PawsHalfway through the week here and I need to catch my breath. The other day I pulled 30 square feet of English Ivy out of the ground, a vine so tenacious you fall over backwards when it finally comes loose from the soil. I felt myself strain one of my pectoral muscles someplace in there. It may have been all the raking that followed the pulling-up – and I wasn’t even alone with the task! I had four strong male teens helping!


Bryson suits up

ray & hazees hauling newsletterStill, when the night came and I had pain running down my left arm I thought, “This is it!” – until I also felt that angry pec complaining and realized it was the day’s exertions.

David and I have both been waking up at 5 with the skies so bright these mornings. “I almost died in the night of a heart attack,” I told him cheerfully.

“No you didn’t,” he said. Much of my family has dropped dead of heart which is why that time in 2001 when I fainted twice in two minutes the doctors gave me the full workup.

I see a cardiologist still though I think I can safely stop now. I don’t appear to have the Maloney heart that killed my mom, my aunt, my great-aunt, my great-grandfather and his little daughter who was ony 12. It seems I have the Sheehy heart – thanks Dad! – so whatever gets me in the end it likely won’t be heart.

Still, it gave me pause. See? There I am with them up top ha ha. So now I’m thinking Relax a little. Take a day off now and then from the blog.

So that’s what this is if makes sense to say you’re taking a day off when obviously you’re writing anyway .

The plants I put in to replace the English ivy are adorable by the way. I couldn’t be happier if I planted 12 baby bunnies out there!

baby bunnies