Funny Blog, This One!

This is my blogger friend Brian’s offering for today. He’s alone this weekend in case anyone wants to run over there and check on him ha ha. Oh, and as is the case every day, the pictures he digs up by way of illustration make things even funnier. Go here to see the site and start your day with a chuckle.

He calls this one  Beyond the Horizon

 Z and I just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary, last weekend.
Go figure…right?
Time flies.
It seems like only yesterday that the judge lifted that restraining order.
And like any couple that’s been legally entangled for more than 3 decades—illegally for nearly another before that—it’s only natural to want to stretch your legs and look for new adventures beyond the horizon, just to see whatever else is lurking out there.
At least that’s what Z told me.
And who am I to argue.
No one that’s who!
Again…at least that’s what Z told me.
She was kidding of course.
Of course….
But she did ask me to drive her to the airport yesterday.
She’s making her yearly pilgrimage to Chicago to visit relatives.
Hers, I believe.
Which, once again, leaves me on my own for a few days to ponder the big picture.
To be honest, I’m not even sure where this huge picture that suddenly appeared in the living room came from.
Z says she didn’t buy it.
I know I didn’t buy it.
But there it is…this big picture, left behind for me to ponder.
As if I didn’t have enough pondering to keep me busy.
Like what’s the best way to make sure I don’t throw the wet laundry in the oven again this year.
Or forget to close the refrigerator door.
Actually that’s an unfair characterization…I didn’t really forget to close the refrigerator door.
I did it on purpose.
I just thought it would save on snack preparation time, between innings of the ball game.
And it did.
Despite the fact that everything had a funny taste to it.
And the neighbor’s dog got in through the side door—which I actually did forget to close—and ate all the cold cuts, plus, what
I believe was leftover rigatoni.
But hey, live and learn…right/?
And what better time to navigate the learning curve other than when you’ve got a few days to yourself to experiment.
Anyway, like I said, I’m fending for myself the next few days.
And when you’ve been living with the same person—minus the 90s—for over 30 years, there’s a bit of an adjustment.
But not all of it is bad.
For one, I don’t need to shower everyday…why would I?
Or shave…ZZ top, bottom and sideways will have nothing on me.
I don’t even need to change my clothes…who’s gonna know?
Okay, the pizza delivery guy, but is he really gonna risk losing that extra buck I throw him at Christmas.
I don’t think so….
I’m also thinking of taking my Jell-O sculpting to the next level.
I don’t want to give too much away…but think big, like in Big Top big.
And of course this gives me the opportunity to get back into my alternate treadmill redesigns.
So I have enough to keep me busy….at least through Saturday.
Sunday, I might look into lawn coloring…not sure.
And Z’s closet looks like it could use some straightening…maybe even some thinning.
That would be a nice surprise wouldn’t it?
I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees all that extra space….
Okay…gotta go.
The goldfish delivery guy is here.

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