What Makes YOU Feel Safe?

small child watching TVAll this talk in the media about feeling safe enough –  even my own talk here yesterday on the Huffington Post – has me wondering: what do most of us do to feel safe in a day-today way?

I don’t mean what do we overtly do, like put on a hazmat suit or never cross a bridge. I mean what we do to feel safe inside, the way we felt when we were little kids in overalls sitting on the floor in front of Captain Kangaroo, or watching dust motes circle lazily in the empty dining room when the sun painted the whole room gold?

If I were still a high school English teacher and you were my students, I’d make you all sit on the floor in a circle and have you make a quick list right now, of three things that make you feel safe in this cozy old way.

What would you put on it? I’ll mull this over today, and see what I myself can come up with by morning.

Class dismissed!

8 thoughts on “What Makes YOU Feel Safe?

      1. Long ago, when I was young and Johnny Carson was still on late night, he had Isaac Asimov as a guest. When Carson asked him about his personal vision of the future, Asimov replied: “I see the immediate future, the short term, as very dark indeed. But long term, I think the future of humanity is glorious. Unimaginably glorious. Provided we can survive the next century or so.”
        That’s a pretty good summation of the Baha’i view, except that we have assurance that we will survive. (What was it Faulkner said in his Nobel speech? Humanity will not only survive, it will prevail? Right on, Bill.) So while on the one hand I know that things will get worse – probably much worse – before they get better, on the other hand I know they will get better – much, much better. Consequently, I don’t have to contend with the same uncertainty that the madness around us stirs up. It’s not that I don’t feel fear or sadness or anger, just that I don’t have that underlying “what the Hell is happening?” anxiety to compound it.
        And then, more personally, I have the assurance that all those I’ve loved in this life will be with me and known to me in the next. Baha’u’llah says that marriage, specifically, is eternal “through all the worlds of God.” So I don’t fear losing Carelle either.
        Anyway that’s how it is over here.

  1. Morning coffee and gazingat the Gerbera Daisies in the garden window. Brushing Angel, and that ridiculous fluff of a tail. Checking email to see what Sheila has to say. All is well. Really

  2. Walking briskly by the seawall on a foggy morning, hearing the fog horns. I like to hear rain at night beating on the windows. I am safe, at one with nature.

  3. Listening to people like yourself, Terry. Seeing faith make sense out of seemingly senseless situations. Treating others the way I want to be treated.

  4. I feel safe when Susie and I sit down at the kitchen bar looking out at the double mounded Pisgah Forest mountain named Dobson Knob (we call it Dolly’s knobs) ready to enjoy a fresh veggie dinner and the Asheville Citizen-Times Sunday crossword puzzle.

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