What Makes YOU Feel Safe?

small child watching TVAll this talk in the media about feeling safe enough –  even my own talk here yesterday on the Huffington Post – has me wondering: what do most of us do to feel safe in a day-today way?

I don’t mean what do we overtly do, like put on a hazmat suit or never cross a bridge. I mean what we do to feel safe inside, the way we felt when we were little kids in overalls sitting on the floor in front of Captain Kangaroo, or watching dust motes circle lazily in the empty dining room when the sun painted the whole room gold?

If I were still a high school English teacher and you were my students, I’d make you all sit on the floor in a circle and have you make a quick list right now, of three things that make you feel safe in this cozy old way.

What would you put on it? I’ll mull this over today, and see what I myself can come up with by morning.

Class dismissed!