SOMETHING is Happening

IMG_1498Last night the blogger ‘manning’ the Lake Winnipesaukee Weather Cam said
“There has been noticeable ice loss today. Satellite imagery shows the lake color is now the same as the land color on the visible image, and the lake appears only slightly cooler than the land on the thermal image. Based on the structural integrity of the ice observed here, we conclude that one decent-size nor’easter could take most of the lake’s ice out. It wouldn’t have to be a “Sandy” but along the lines of this past winter’s bigger storms. If you’re looking for a fast ‘ice out’, don’t just look for warm weather — search the horizon for storms or other major wind events.”

Good to know.

I was on the lake last weekend and you can see the ice right there by our dock. It’s all melted in by the shore here because of the hyrdrotherm unit that burbles away all winter, preventing great slabs of ice from wrecking the dock and carrying it away in splinters.

I took some video of it for the sound, which I find strangely delicious.


Isn’t it altogether lovely to watch spring advance, whether on land or on water?


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