The Best Laugh I’ve Had in a Month

The best laugh I’ve had in a month came to me yesterday when I came across this video, brought to my attention by Dave Hunter who  has a blog called Reaching Utopia that you can see here.  I should say that what you’ll see below is from the “funny” category on his site.  There are many other, more serious sections too.)

Now kick back and relax and think on the times when you too were this young, and limber, and crazy 🙂  (God I love watching people fall to be funny! I used to do that. I did just about anything to get a laugh.)

4 thoughts on “The Best Laugh I’ve Had in a Month

  1. I don’t find this at all funny. I have read that this is the thing for youngsters to do lately and it is ridiculous. Look at all the waste of things that got covered in milk or juice. Awful!

    1. I agree with RJ — these kids throw gallon jugs of milk into the stacked shelves and pretend to have hurt themselves so that shopping adults can run around looking for help… This is funny?

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