Turns Out You Really DON’T Need Big Muscles

you can get a splinterIt’s been a while since someone asked me to swordfight and play basketball but I got to do both Sunday afternoon. Lucky thing I didn’t have pointy high heels and an Easter bonnet on!

This was with little David, my second grandson, who is five.

The shooting hoops was his idea. He said I’d probably be ok at it even though I didn’t have big muscles. He pointed out that John, seen above here taking a splinter out of David’s finger last summer, doesn’t have big muscles and yet he’s good at everything. (Funny idea of not big muscles eh?)

As it turned out, I proved not to be so great at the basketball part. Plus then the little boy’s grandpa came out and sunk a few while holding a beer in one hand just to show he still could. (I knew the guy played varsity basketball in high school but the only evidence of all that I’ve ever seen is the tiny Medford High School satin shorts that still sleep in his bottom drawer. I didn’t know him then.)

But never mind, because I was good at the sword-fighting which was my idea in the sense that I brought the swords. Light sabers they were really, newly purchased and brought to this Easter celebration just in case ‘Somebody’ needed a little more exercise.

What I didn’t know; what I learned from little David with his cute lisp is that sword fighting is only really cool if you keep leaping up onto stone walls and back down again. That I could have done all day.

Here’s how little David looks these days, ready for anything, as you can see.


And here’s how I looked Sunday, just heading back outside for the re-match he challenged me too. Ah spring!