You’re the Jackass

tim olyphant as raylanThought for the day, paraphrasing Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens from the FX series Justified: “You run into a jackass today, OK you ran into a jackass. You run into jackasses all day long, you’re the jackass.” (Only Raylan uses a more vivid word for it.)

How right he is though: Some days all you want to do all day long is pick a fight with people, only you don’t know that’s what you want. You think the people who irritate you are just idiots. even if they happen to be people you love, and you’re dying to tell them so.

It’s happened to me more than once, but now I have Raylan’s maxim to help me get right in my head.

I mean to use it too. Because what’s true is that on most of those days when you’re trying to pick a fight every minute the whole time what you really need  but can’t seem to ask for… is a hug.

Humans! When will we learn ?

I need a hug

2 thoughts on “You’re the Jackass

  1. …..and they say “laughter is the best medicine.” Sometimes a big ol’ dose of HUG will melt you out of your doldrums.

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