Happy Weekend!

We drove to our place up north for 48 hours. The week is over and I am SIGNING OFF for two days!

My advice for everyone out there? Exercise caution at all times:  Don’t let the cat near your fine silk drawers, use nothing stronger than Woolite on your dainty washables and read all labels lest you rub Liquid Silk into your hair thinking it’s your Thermal-Protectant Conditioner. Beyond that you’re on your own.

We just got to this summer place in the woods where it sure don’t look like summer now.


I just watched two deer nibbling desperately on whatever tiny patches of greenery they can find at snowbank’s edge and the wind is making this kind of mischief with the trees.

I also just opened what I thought was a cheap bottle of red from the famous Marotta cellar of cheap reds at the back of the bedroom closet. Turns out to be a very nice Shiraz from the year 2000. (What did I say about reading the labels?) Now we have to make the night worth the wine. 🙂

Happy weekend everyone. Tomorrow I’m buying lettuce for those deer. This one looked at me for so long as I stood not 12 feet from him at the edge of night here, I felt abashed. I was the one to withdraw first, leaving him to his  private yearning.


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3 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Terry, I’m going mad passing this dog on a chain every time I go to town. He is there 24/7 no matter what the weather or temperature. He sits and stares at the front door of his owner’s house. He longs to be part of the pack (family) and is left in isolation and cold. Please help me deal with this obsession!

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