While trying to fly to Memphis today I began paging through my photo stream and came upon this picture.


It was the front page of the in-flight snacks menu that American Airlines was giving out just a month ago, mere moments before they merged with US Air.

I took a picture of it with my phone, it looked so strange to me.

I suppose they’ve destroyed all copies of the thing by now, bearing as it did the ‘old’ AA logo and a good thing too. It looks like the man has two sandwich halves for legs. What’s the guy silently saying anyway?

  • “You’ve heard of mermaids”?
  • “Eat My Legs?”
  • “Try running on these babies, Mr. Pistorius!”?

Really all I could think was,  “Fire the jokers who designed this one!”

2 thoughts on “Cannibalism?

  1. Speaking of ads, don’t you love the little gecko for Geico? He is so adorable – I wish they would market him as a stuffed animal. It has been said that his accent is Cockney, but I thought it was Australian. Anyway, I have a crush on the little guy.

  2. Joan, I love that little guy, too, especially the commercial where he gets the giggles. Terry, did you ever make it to Memphis?

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