Made New

This is how lovely the world looked at 7 yesterday morning. It just about took my breath away to see it.

DSC_0033That’s the tangle of branches that by early April are kid-gloved up to their elbows in magnolia blossoms. This tree stands just outside the second-floor room where I write every day.

They were all lovely, those trees, dipped in icy batter as they were. This is the ginkgo, that weeps away its leaves all at once, within a couple of hours come fall. A video of that stunning phenomenon is here.


In sum, every view from every window was lovely. Still, the loveliest, somehow, was the sight of our neighbor’s house on that same morning, from a different window in my study. Take away the cable and phone wires and it could be a Currier & Ives print, couldn’t it though?

view from study window

4 thoughts on “Made New

  1. Terry, if you can send me a big file of the photo or the house with the wire
    problem I do believe I can remove the wires to put the C&I feeling in
    it for real. But I need something the size of the original camera file that
    has not been compressed. cheers, RipTragle

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