Oscars Post-Mortems

We didn’t have a red carpet in this house last night but we did have fun, celebrating three family birthdays. My son, who I wrote about yesterday was here too, and this morning in the archives I found this picture of him, taken just six months after March of 1998 when we took that three-movies-in-24-hours Pre-Oscars-Night road trip.

mpm sleeps at 15 one

The fact that he’s sleeping in the picture shows what time of life he was in. Adolescents need sleep, all right. They say school shouldn’t even start until 9am for kids older than 12; they’re just not awake until then. In fact come to think of it, one of the three people celebrating a birthday here last night just turned 9 and he showed up in his pjs. (“Pick your battles,” his parents probably decided.)

The fun went on well past when the Oscars actually began, but about 45 minutes in I got a Facebook message from Old Dave’s dashing-looking older brother Toby. “Compared to Tommy Lee Jones, David looks like a viable Oscar Host,” he wrote. Typical big brother remark huh? Even David, you might think he was implying. Even my dismissible kid brother, though David was never dismissible and of course Toby knows that.

Tommy Lee’s face is collapsing into some amazing swags and wrinkles now but what a face it is! It’s a beautiful ruin and God bless him for never getting ‘work’ done on it. Look how cute he was when he was a high school senior in Texas. This is the picture that appears in the Freshman ‘Face Book’ the year he entered Harvard.

tommy lee high school yearbook

I know because he and David were classmates there at Harvard and played freshman football together. I’m looking at that old book as I write this.

‘Course my man was pretty cute too, as you can see in this photo I took when he was an usher in a wedding but maybe it’s the tuxedo that carries the day in these cases…..Hmmmm, food for thought. Anyway, ya gotta love Oscar Night, eh? The morning after and I can hardly wait for NEXT year.:-)

david in his pal's wedding 1970