Just Say…. No?

I’ve been taking so many drugs this last week it’s a wonder I haven’t begun having ALL the side effects, from compulsive lip chewing to random head movements to tongue swallowing – the whole terrifying litany.

These are the meds that handsome young doc gave me in at Mass. General a week ago today:

my many meds

There’s this Flucticasone Proprionate, the real name for the drug you see advertised as Flonaze, which sounds so much like the opposite of what the drug is meant to do – I mean do you seriously want more fluids FLOWING out of your NASAL passages? -It’s a wonder the team that came up with that name wasn’t immediately fired.

Then there’s Iophen, basically Robitussin with Codeine, which I had to practically produce a passport and birth certificate to take delivery of.

And finally there’s this stuff called Benzonatate, which I guess I was saying wrong. Someone my age, raised on declensions and conjugations you’d pronounced that word BEN-zo-nuh-TAH-tay. I had to look it up in Wikipedia to see how you really say it (be-nZO-nuh-tate.

Either way you say it doesn’t it sound like every Christmas carol about the birth of the Baby Jesus?

Who says the Latin Mass is dead? Give a click here. Pretty beautiful actually!

4 thoughts on “Just Say…. No?

  1. Now I know where the nightmare came from:
    is that one of the side effects listed when combining those three drugs?? Aside from tongue-swallowing, of course.

    1. My old stuffed animals are a big part of my dream life.. Maybe seeing Fluffy and his “eyes on spikes” did it . On the other hand I am throwing all these drugs aways today. can’t tell you how many people said “whiskey tea and lemon and then go to bed!” better advice perhaps 🙂

  2. There are so many ‘Granny’s Remedies’ out there, one can only be overwhelmed by the awsome menu size. I just hope you feel better and get well soon. (Although, the ‘Whiskey Tea’ and bed sounds comfy!)

  3. Terry, the smell of the incense seemed to preceed the keeling over of the camper at the little church in Hinsdale. Loved singing Oh, Lord I am not worthy, while the girls lined up for the wafer, dreaming of the do-nuts awaiting.
    Hey, Happy birthday, kid! Love you.

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