Beauty All Around Me

Even after being up all night on a red-eye a week ago, when every other single soul on the plane was asleep,  including probably the captain and co-captain, I have to admit: it was stunning to fly west with the night and see the Sierra Nevadas from 35,000 feet just at sunset.

It was more than thrilling to have seen the Arizona desert a few days before.

They call it the Sonoran desert. Its saguaro cactuses, some of whom seem to be doing the Walk-Like-an-Egyptian dance, live for 200 years.

cactus laughing

None of us will reach 200. We can’t hope to.

The most we can hope for is the occasional glimpse like this, of a landmass that looks made up of the mounded backs, the living vertebrae of large unknowable creatures.

like a living spine

But WHAT creatures, you think, on whom so many life-forms ride?’ And who is the even larger Creature upon Whose back WE ride?

Paul said it: We see through a glass now, only darkly and know only in part, but one day face to face.

May it be so! May it one day prove to be so.

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