Easy to Make Fun

Sure, it’s easy to make fun of Carl Sagan, who I mentioned here yesterday. I bet even a six-year-old in Madagascar could do a take-off of the way he said “Billions!” in his effort to make us look up now and then from our antlike preoccupations.

But look at this video below, which somebody made, setting and compressing his utterances into a kind of song. There’s even brief footage of Stephen Hawking in it. How many have viewed it? You’ll see when you pass the ad and click through: over 8 million of us, one of whom has written in the comments section that watching this video is what turned him/her away from a degree in Computer Science and toward a degree in Astrophysics .

In case this doesn’t appear for you, Click here to see the original video and then here to see the “Symphony” this person created. “Who knew Carl could beat-box?” might be your first thought; but your’e made of stone if you don’t feel a catch in your throat when he speaks of not a sunrise but a galaxyrise.

2 thoughts on “Easy to Make Fun

  1. I could open it this time! I love Carl Sagan waxing eloquent on the cosmos, the home of our Earth, our support system, that we are messing up big time. Are we curious and brave as he says?

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