I was sick for two weeks before it occurred to me to seek


The coughing was unbelievable. It got so I didn’t have a friend in the whole six-state area.

Plus, it hurt.

The day I coughed my lungs up I finally knew I needed to be seen.

coughin' my brains out

I went in to Urgent Care and the first thing they did was slap this mask on me.

photo (15)

I look like some sad sort of ‘Adopt Me!’ Dog don’t I though? And the mask doesn’t go at all with my whimsical ivory boa.

I thought this was bad.



Until …to take a chest X-ray they gave me a different mask and made me wear this:

A johnny! (And it wasn’t even this year’s model)!

photo (14)

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14 thoughts on “Contagion!

  1. Feel better, Terry. I had it too, for a while, and I’m still not done with coughing (though it’s not anywhere near bad enough to inspire me to don one of those chic hospital gowns).

    1. maybe people DON’T change. I like thinking this. It makes me feel that my grandfather gone so long and knowing me only with my little-kid tummy and my black tangle of curls might also know me today if he stopped back in on us here

  2. I give thanks every time I am sick and see a doctor, every time I have to put on one of those johnnys. I could have been born in a century before the 20th, or in some less fortunate parts of the world today.

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