Kick in the Pants

I got sore at Old Dave on our recent flight west; he always tries to hold my boarding pass and he did that again the other day.

“I can hold my own boarding pass!” I hissed when he tried to take it from me at the ticket counter.

Then he said to take my plastic bag of toiletries out of my carry-on as we went through Security, which made me equally wild. Did I need to be told that?

He always fishes around in MY seat pocket before we deplane too, to see if I’ve forgotten and left anything in there he says. Grrrr!

The other day, with my having twice acted so indignant, he decided to keep mum and try not to worry about what I might be leaving behind as we changed planes in Dallas.

The result of all this? I (temporarily) lost my boarding pass, I forgot to take my cosmetics out of my carry-on for proper scrutiny and I left my i-Pad on the first plane from Boston during the layover and had to do some mighty fast acting to put THOSE three problems aright!

Sometimes life just gives you a good kick in the pants I guess. And sometimes that’s just what you deserve.