Serves Me Right

I wrote this at 5pm Sunday just before beginning my 18-hour journey homeward.  I guess I though if I wished for two good flights, I’d get them. Hah! Here’s what I said, evidently thinking I could predict the future:

 “I feel lucky right now because I flew all night and nothing bad happened. I didn’t get stuck next to a huge guy or hemmed in by large unconscious persons such that I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom…”

Let me stop right there.. I mean, maybe there were things to feel grateful for, like the nice great salad at one airport and the glazed salmon and broccoli at the next one; like that friendly waiters and the couple kissing at the table next to mine, a good omen always….


I did in fact  get stuck next to two unconscious snorers, and they were on the six-hour leg of the flight  and me pinned in a window seat. I did in fact get stuck to a giant of a guy who looked exactly like Kahl Drogo from Game of Thrones.

kahl drogo

Only he weighed 400 pounds such that I was sort of tucked in under his chest the whole time.

And he smelled like cheese.

A good lesson for me never to write about stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

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