Travel Day

photo (12)8am: I’m leaving this sunny Tucson  hotel room in an hour for the six-hour Wait-and-Hope session at the airport. (Will I get on any plane? Can it be done?) Then, if no standby chance appears, I will fly to LA at sundown for a four-hour wait there, then fly all night alone, not to get in to Boston until tomorrow…
But really David and our kids have the harder part. They will fly out this morning via Dallas Fort Worth,  getting in at 9om tonight to scrape 30 inches of  snow off our car on the roof at Central Parking at Logan, then help each other dig out two more cars where we left them in Somerville and, perhaps, my own little buggy in my driveway, though I guess that job can wait til morning.
photo (10)
here it is, snapped by our good neighbor Linda. Yikes~
So it will be a long day and a long night ahead for me. It will be nice good to be home, though I will miss the beauty of the desert and the mountains, so moving to look out at even with traffic in the foreground. This was last night as we made our way into the Catalina foothills for dinner at the Grill at Hacienda Del Sol.
photo (11)

6 thoughts on “Travel Day

  1. I have a friend in Bisbee and went there once and loved it but can’t take the heat. It is a great area though. Did you get to enjoy the area or was time mostly spent trying to get home to MA?

    1. we came to visit Toby and Rusty, Dave’s big brother and his partner.. We had so much great conversation it didn’t matter that we didn’t sight-see much THIS time. Last time we did the Titan Missile Site which was a very grave experience. Talk about standing on the lip of the volcano!

  2. If she were a REALLY good friend she would have sent you a second pic of your car and driveway all carved out of the snow, waiting for your arrival.
    Good luck in your travels!

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