Missing It

I’m not yet back in Boston because 3,500 flights got cancelled in the blizzard, mine among them.

I can only rely on photos like this gorgeous one of the mall on Commonwealth Avenue, as darkness fell last night. (Charles Krupa of the Associated Press took it.)

the blizzard on comm ave

The city looks beautiful, from this distance, but how it will look to me when I get back?  I’m way out west in Arizona, with four members of my family. Their flights, set for tomorrow, will likely go out as scheduled, but because I was supposed to come back early for a long-scheduled event planned for February 8th, my flight has been rebooked, not getting me back into Boston until Monday morning after a total of ten hours waiting in two airports, one of them even farther away from Boston than Tucson is.

I’ll be alone with my suitcase and my crooked back, my carry-on and the food I always seem to travel with. And darned if I didn’t forget to bring my awesome ‘Sky Rest’ pillow that even the flight attendants laugh at, even though I ordered it from one of the Sky Mall magazines that they themselves provide, in the same seat pockets that hold the emesis bags. Huh!

Sigh. I guess you can’t blame them. They ARE pretty funny-looking.

This was me last year ha ha. By now I’ve shaved off my beard at least. 😉

sky rest travel pillow

Anxious as I go in to this long day’s journey…

I should have all the fun I can today, before packing my things at 9am tomorrow and bidding this sweet sheltering hotel room goodbye.

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