All’s Right with the World

I THINK I’m finally starting to feel better after this long siege of sickness… I got on a plane over the weekend to visit my awesome sister Nan, WITH my two daughters and my grandbaby.

It was just like the old days sitting around with Nan, funny as she is, smart as she is.

She’s a real catalog girl and it was in a catalog that she managed to find a perfume our mom used to love, not that she could afford to keep herself in perfume or had anywhere to go where she could wear it – I mean the bottle we both remember was 20 years old when we first came upon it and tried putting it on that mean old cat Impy with the hitch in his hip.. It was called Nuit de Noel and Nan found it somewhere on the old “Inert-Net” and now I have it, along with a wonderful note she wrote that just brought back those early years together when we were little.

Mostly though her catalog finds are not sentimental. She has a T-shirt she found in one that riffs off the great old song from the musical Hair. To get the joke you have to remember “This is the Dawning 0f the Age of Aquarius.” The T-shirt’s wry commentary on what the advancing years does to a girl? It says “This is the Dawning of the Age of a Scary Ass.” Hah! How could I not feel better having spent the weekend with Nan AND my two girls AND that little female coming along behind them? Here they are now, first Carrie holding our baby and then Annie in the shades.

the day carrie cut that hairannie poolside cbi

and finally Nan in a boat back when we were younger even than these two.

nan onboard 73

Oh and here’s me. My nice salon do from last week fell apart since last Friday when I looked so awesome but I‘ve got my wig on now and all’s right with the world. 😉

elvis baby