On the Mend?

Just getting to where I can climb our of the the bed and look around a little.

Still feel pretty crummy though. (This winter cold is killing me!)

BUT! they do say “Feed a cold, starve a fever” so….

here’s me without my wig searching in the fridge for a snack . 🙂

a little snack

4 thoughts on “On the Mend?

  1. I say, it looks like something in your cold is the secret to reversing aging! Too bad it couldn’t have stopped at 25-30 years rolled back. If you don’t get well soon, you’ll need to find a womb, and it won’t likely have a view!

    Fyi: I just got a computer after a year without. GREAT to “see” you again, hope you and all feel great soon.

  2. I can’t fathom how the b&w photo of baby Terry wasn’t there when I first commented. She clearly has more hair than now in the frige pic!

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