I’m sick now too. First it was a tickle in my throat and then a rumble in my chest, like the sound from the engine room on the Queen Mary. This id what I get for making light of my man’s illness.

I went to bed the other night feeling as bleak as bleak can be, sleeping next to my dead Pope of a husband who had not uttered more than 12 words to me in 24 hours. (That extended whine is here.) But then, the next morning I woke to glory all around me: this sunlight in this room at January’s end. (David’s reclining body in the foreground.)

sunup for the sick

If only I had not, over the last few nights, curled up in the same small nest of bedding as a person who lay spouting like a whale – every cough and sneeze flying straight up into the air and settling in a fine mist all around me.

By evening I had the headache too, and in spite of the 16 kinds of cold medications I took, it was excruciating. In the night I was sure that some evil force had got hold of the plastic-bag-like membrane in which the brain is suspended and was trying to pull the whole thing out through my ear.

This is what I get for making Weekend at Bernie’s style jokes about poor David. It’s my ‘goin’ around comin’ on around for sure.

I had a flu shot back in October so whatever this is it’s presumably not the flu. David, however, did NOT have a flu shot and so presumably does have the flu.

Anyway he’s still pretty miserable. I fetch him tea and toast, but he doesn’t care about eating. Last night we tried to grab a meal out with our girl Annie but he couldn’t even bring himself to have a drink. (what, no alcohol?!) He’s still got that thousand-yard stare, though and now it’s morning again too.

And now we’re home again our workday world with the Poop-Doggy-Dog-Walkers filing past outside our windows, sigh.

I wish we had the view above that we had Sunday morning when we were up north. It sure did raise our spirits, sick or no. But the world these last few days is wrapped in fog and rain – and we’re just here exchanging droplets. 😦

marriage coughs

6 thoughts on “Karma

      1. Thanks, Terry! I’m hoping to, but our fire station has a cook-off around the same time. Hoping they don’t overlap. If so, I’m already committed to the cook-off — a sure sign I should have been committed to begin with! Either way, I hope to catch you at a NSNC conference at some point 🙂

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