SO Cold!

flasher on skis by Zahn

How cold was it this week in my part of the world? So cold the flashers were describing themselves.

So cold the posts of your earrings were turning your ears into something resembling two frozen apricots stuck to the side of your head. It was so cold it the fillings in your teeth stabbed you with an iron pain the second you opened your mouth. So cold the tiny hairs in your nose grew tiny icicles.

I didn’t leave the house for a full 36 hours during the worst of it.

I needed to buy milk. “Forget the milk,” David said. I needed to go to the Apple store and have one of those nice One-to-One sessions with my new Mac. “Forget the Apple store!” I told myself and rescheduled for next week.

I needed to work out at the Y, which sits on a windy hilltop 100 yards from where I would have to park my car. “The heck with the Y for now,” I also thought and went to the third floor and made myself get on that treadmill that Dave’s pal Frank talked him into buying 15 years ago.

Being inside did have a few good effects: I cleaned. I sorted stuff. I made and hung new curtains for the living room windows which up until now looked like a face with no eyebrows.

See? This is Before: Pretty blah, right?

pale sad swags before pic

And this is After: pop!

new dark swag empire sofa

Anyway ….We could only bear to stay downstairs until around 4pm when everything on that floor grows arctic. (It’s an old house, what can I say, with a three-story hall that carries the heat RIGHT out through the roof.)

We ate supper every night on the bed and were under the covers by 7:00.

It actually wasn’t a bad week, take it all around, and today they say the temperatures will moderate.

Sigh. I hope so. Tell you the truth my ears are still kind of a funny color.

But at least the spider webs over the windows are gone.

And running on the treadmill was sort of OK but the truth is I can’t wait to get back up on that window hilltop for Zumba’s particular brand of torture

zumba in hell

12 thoughts on “SO Cold!

  1. Doggies still have to go out! And Angel will not perform in the backyard – he must think it is part of the house. So it’s just a quickie around the block and back inside. Three times a day. I’m just a slave to love.!

  2. I once had a big house on Cape Cod where we had to abandon the lower floor when it got extremely cold. Kids and I spent a lot of time on the floor of my upstairs bedroom, playing games (before we had a TV), reading and eating lunch. I STILL miss that big, old house even though my current home is very warm & snuggly. Your comments brought back some very old memories: thanks–again.

    1. Well thank you Jan for this cozy domestic scene to imagine. We do it too. We’re like Frank McCourt in his childhood in Limerick when the whole family climbed the stairs to leave “Ireland” behind and live up in “Italy” on the second floor!

  3. My 1st floor apt. is just inches above the cold ground – I can actually feel the cold air coming up through the wooden floor and through where my door doesn’t fully connect with the door jamb. The lobby door is never fully closed so the cold air sneaks in there, too. My whole apt. is huddling around ME to steal my body warmth! But your humor brings laughter and warmth from the exercise of laughing! Bless you!

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