Hobbit-y Fun

the rainbow goblinsI guess this Arts & Entertainment week here for me. I saw The Hobbit at the I-Max last night. All 186 minutes of it and I have to say: What a lot of slicing and dicing with hatchets and swords!

The little Hobbit Bilbo Baggins misses his cozy cottage and I missed it too. The larder alone stuffed with cheeses and fruits, bread and barrels of mead, or whatever it was that people drink back in the days of Middle Earth.

The whole thing reminded me of the many times I have read The Rainbow Goblins out loud to a child. (Those are the little imps from that book up top.)

The trolls in the movie are funny. So dimwitted ha ha! (We all love to see dopey people in action. (Well, as long as they’re not like trying to operate on us or fix our cars, that is.))

The elves are vegetarians and that’s funny too; the scene when one of the dwarfs is offered a bit of lettuce by an elf made me laugh right out loud. “I don’t eat green food,” he says with a haughty look.

Gandalf is like God, saving everyone at the last minute all the time.

And Gollum?


Gollum is just amazing. He looks like Steve Buscemi, with these liquid blue eyes that reveal his humanity. He’s the one I really identity with, quarreling with himself and shuttling between kindly and cruel. He’s how I’m going to look when I’m 100 I know it. Willard Scott I’m ready for my closeup!

Here’s the trailer. Well worth watching 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hobbit-y Fun

  1. I started reading the Hobbit and it’s trilogy when I was in the 9th grade. Before that my reading included: The Tarzan novels, The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, Treasure Island; anything adventurous. So, when I was introduced to The Hobbit, The Heavens opened up before me.
    I really enjoyed the ‘Rings’ movies, but never understood why they did’nt start with The Hobbit. I have’nt seen it yet, but I just know I will love it when I do!

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