Girls is for Everyone

lena dunhamI just want to say that I think Lena Dunham is amazing. Her show, HBO’s Girls, is SO funny and well-written and she is SO smart. I’ve heard a dozen podcast interviews with her if I’ve heard one and she sure enough is smart. Also humble. She freely admits how nice it has been to have parents in the arts, because they understand. Also to have parents who said she could still live at home with them as long as she paid her way.

Hanna Horvath is the name of her character. Here are the four main  ‘ladies’ in the show now in case you don’t know them:

the Girls of HBO

I like that her best friend from college is in the show with her, sexy Jessa played by Jemima Kirke. I love the character of Soshonna Shapiro played by the versatile Zosia Mamet, daughter of David Mamet and  granddaughter of Russel Crouse, who wrote such blockbuster musicals as Anything Goes and The Sound of Music.

I like that we get to see newsman Brian Williams’s daughter Alison every week, though she may be getting a tad too THIN lately. (eh?

alison williams

I love Elijah played by the wonderful Andrew Rannells is great too. His is a face any camera would love.

And the honesty of  last season’s boyfriend is amazingly appealing to me. Adam Sackler, played by Adam Driver.

In the first episode of the new season she is coming to his apartment every day because she more or less caused him to get in such a state at the end of Season One that he got hit by a truck. His leg is broken and he needs bedpan help. At one point she says to him, “You’re not being very nice to me right now” and he says back,  “When you’re in love you don’t have to be nice all the time.” Great writing! –  and in my book about as true a thing you can say about that raggedy ol’ thing called marriage oh yes.) Anyway I could look at that long crooked-nosed face of his all day and was surprised to see him in Spielberg’s Lincoln.

adam driver

Finally I think I love her because who in the history of capturing still or moving images has even been braver than she is about showing her soft untoned body in its true light in episode after episode? I read a John Updike passage lately where he spoke of a young woman’s thighs as looking ‘columnar’. Like the thighs of all young women, he said, and I thought for the millionth time how true and exact he was as an observer of us all.

Lena is 26. I’m the flip of that age plus add a year but I feel the truth of everything she writes and says. I say here’s to her and her fine intelligence. She even reacted kindly when the puerile Howard Stern called her a ‘little fat chick’ on his radio show this week. Wit! Humor! Forbearance! She has it all. May she live to be a hundred!

Here’s the trailer from season one, a perfect little ‘film’ all by itself, Her very last remark, made in an examination gown on her gynecologist’s table is one for the ages.

One thought on “Girls is for Everyone

  1. Ter, we just watched Girls, disc one, season one from Netflix. And yes, it is the most honest, uncensored, truthful drama I have ever seen! I didn’t know the actress wrote it too – she is something!

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