Two Cool Videos

the sacred in the everydayBoy have a misspent my time on this planet! I just looked and saw that almost 26,000 people have looked at this one silly video I made in 2010 about what a real Boston accent supposedly sounds like.

The thing makes me blush every time I come upon it.

It embarrasses me AND sometimes hurts my feelings, as when one guy wrote “Nice Boston accent, you old bag.”

I guess if you’re in the business of sharing your thoughts with the world this is the kind of thing you have to expect.

One person sent me a request in the ‘comment’ section. She said she was acting in a play supposedly set in Boston and so needed help in coming up with a good Boston accent. It was a bad week and I didn’t ever get back to her, sorry as I am to admit it.

I made a lot of videos when I had that little Flip camera, but then it malfunctioned and the manufacturers were no longer supporting the product so that was the end of that – until I was told you can make great videos just with your smart phone.

That’s how I got this footage of a street singer in Italy that still brings tears to my eyes to watch. I’ll put that one immediately under here:

and then under that let’s have the video of this young guy who, in an 8-minute tour de force, talks in no fewer than 24 regions accents as heard all over the English-speaking world . Don’t watch it if crass language bothers you. Otherwise watch and be amazed. 25 million viewings for him! That’s what REAL talent will win you!

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