Monday’s Lament, Pre-Dawn

It’s Monday still dark and so chill

And yet I must summon the will

To quit my bleak talk

And shoulder the rock

and push it on back up the hill.

we're all sisyphus

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8 thoughts on “Monday’s Lament, Pre-Dawn

  1. Yes it’s true, it’s a morning to shiver,
    Time to rise and to stand and deliver,
    Pushing boulders up hill
    May be wearisome, still,
    It beats eagles consuming your liver.

    (It could always be worse. You could be Prometheus.)

      1. I was young and green but how I loved the teaching of English! Teaching all you guys. On my headstone I’ve often thought they should write “She Should Have Stayed in the Classroom.” Thanks, Bill Sheehan, fourth seat, second row in from the windows but the credit for this is all yours. 🙂

  2. Motivation and discipline are interesting. I am starting to realize that a big part of both of them is visualizing the positive future benefits of the discipline in the here and now, and putting aside the visualization of the negative experiences of the discipline itself. So put the “dark”, “chill”, “summon the will”, “quit”, “bleak”, “rock”, “push it on back up the hill” and all those other downers in a tidy pile on the side of the road, say goodbye to them, and write a limerick full of positive images of where you will be after you got up early, did what needed to get done, and then are enjoying where it got you!

  3. Ah Chris this is so wise. I just finished composing tomorrow’s piece, a kind of confessional wallow, but maybe Wednesday’s I can take in and try on what you say here. Thanks so much~!

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