WHAT are we thinking?

from liz to angelinaI was looking at this ad here for People Magazine and all I could think was WHAT has happened to our standards of female beauty?

Look at Liz with those creamy shoulders and collarbones that just barely show under that satiny drape of flesh.

Then look at Angelina whose whole rotator cuff is on display, never mind just her clavicles.

Look at the difference in their upper arms!

I don’t know about you but I’ll be happy when the pendulum swings the OTHER way a bit.

Here is Angelina in evening wear. You could slice cheese with the blade of that humerus – right through her skin!

skinny arms on angelinaAnd here is Liz dressed the same way. Who looks better to you, hmmm? And who would you rather get a hug from?

liz taylor zaftig

7 thoughts on “WHAT are we thinking?

  1. Well yes, but um, Liz is (how shall we put this delicately?), no longer alive; that is to say passed away. Expired, perished, deceased, inanimate, cold, inert, dead, lifeless, cadaverous, gone to meet her maker. In other words, an ex-person, checked out, no longer with us, defunct, extinct, no more, a former being.
    So putting aside any necrophiliac tendencies which one might have – and I personally have none I hasten to assure you – and making the large-ish assumption that appearances notwithstanding Angelina is warm-blooded, I would have to more willingly if still reluctantly accept an embrace from her, although admittedly comparatives such as armadilloes and sea eels figured into my deliberations.
    Now, if there is an afterlife featuring corporality and communality, the question would elicit a different answer entirely. Although presumably there would be Richard Burton to contend with, not to mention the never entirely greaseless Eddie Fisher. Although an Eddie – Angelina hookup does promise some amusing imagery.

  2. Seriously, John? You’re not amusing, clever or entertaining. Terry, thank you. Short, simple and to the point. I work with adolescents and I am acutely aware of the many issues of body image and self esteem among young women. Thanks, TT. The more commentary by women like you, the better.

    1. I did not find Elizabeth Taylor attractive; perhaps you did. I thought people made rather too much of her. Too bad you did not find my satire amusing. I would suggest loosening up those sphincter muscles occassionally.

  3. I am among those who cannot understand the fixation with being painfully thin. It is not attractive and probably not too healthy either. Liz or Marillyn and others who knew curves were attractive and a few modern day actresses are at home in their bodies and don’t feel like they need to be skeletons to be attractive. I wonder what happened with Angela that made her do that to herself. Happy New Year, dear Terry. Looking forward to more posts in 2013. Good health, happiness and prosperity to you, David and the whole family. Hugs. Andrea

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