Couldn’t Say it Better Than This!

from brian's siteI’ve never met Brian Moloney in person but we ‘see’ each other every day through our blogs. He sure says it all today, just in the first paragraph of The Freelance Retort:

If Christmas eve is like floating on a calm see, peering up into the stars…and Christmas Day is like a rogue wave that knocks you off your feet and envelops you into a deep dark sea of confusion…then the day after Christmas is like sitting in a puddle, on a muddy shore, picking sea shells out of your bathing suit. Beat up, tossed around… recovering from a thrill ride, all at the same time….

And as I say, that’s before he even gets to the stuff he illustrates with the above cartoon. You can check out the whole piece here. Every day he brings me a smile!

Now back to picking up after our own fun yesterday, blurry as it was…..

screens & rabbit ears xmas night

blurry post-opening funFinally, here’s a video taken when mischievous little Mr Rabbit Ears was a baby himself and mystified by all the hub-bub.