Happy Times! Here’s OUR Holiday Card

This year I decided MORE PICTURES, FEWER WORDS. I also decided to give my kids a break and not make them appear in the holiday card. Just David and I and the little ones I figured. So first I created the thing, which took like days, and then I had it printed – only I didn’t get enough so I reproduced the whole thing in a handmade kind of way to send to that last page o’ people on my list.
This is Page One you see here with the funny joke about Dave’s hair.

xmas card page one007

Then there’s a Page Two which makes mention of the dear one we lost this year. Then there’s a Page Three with even more pictures of the little ones (And another pic of Dave holding little Callie)… And finally a Page Four.

I just finally finished the last 20 cards last night – Whew!

The first 180 people who got the thing got a much handsomer version which I drop in below as a PDF. At least its printing isn’t all crooked. Still, there’s something endearingly sincere about crooked printing, isn’t there? I’m counting on that anyway! Warm thoughts to all on a day special to so many the world over !

2012 card as a PDF

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