Mindy’s Fine. I’LL Show You Homely !

mindy-kaling-childhood-puppetMindy Kaling’s funny book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) is full of pictures of her chubby little child-self. It puts me in mine my theme this week: Never mind the offspring blushing to acknowledge the parent, here’s a story where the parent HAD to have blushed to acknowledge the child.

My summer-camp-director of a mom was standing next to the camp nurse Fran, who was new that year and so was enjoying the spectacle as the campers filed into the dining hall from flag-raising exercises.

Some were so cute! – look at this little cabinful! – and the nurse said as much .

cabin one

Then… “But whose unfortunate-looking child is THAT you have to wonder?” she said to my mom indicating one small girl.

It was inevitable.

“That child is my daughter,” said Mom somewhat icily.

I never heard this story until two years ago. It sure puts me in MY place but I look at the pictures, and who can argue?  Live and get humble!

me at 5 with my problem hair

16 thoughts on “Mindy’s Fine. I’LL Show You Homely !

  1. As time goes by, I think we not only grow older, but better.looking. That is, until the age of 75. Then things start going down. I mean REALLY down. Like who IS that fright in the mirror??? My sister, age about l0, accompanied my mother into the store fitting room as she tried on a new dress. “How do I look?” she asked. Diana said, “The dress looks good,.. but the face?”

  2. Kathy, thinks you look “Darla” from the “Little Rascals”. Kathy hasn’t laughed uncontrollably for a very long time, the “water on the brain” line finished her off. “One of your best”

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