Happy Sunday! Stay Out of the Malls

stuck in traffic poor dog

Happy Sunday! Stay away from the malls, or else you’ll sit in your car for an hour just trying to get within a mile of the place.

Stay home and do old-time Sunday things.

Read the funnies.

Put a roast in the oven, which is really an old-time thing. (Write in if you’re under 40 and you don’t recognize words such as ‘roast’ or ‘oven’. We have a little pamphlet we can send you.”

Watch old movies while filling out the old holiday card. Yesterday I caught portions of TitanicThe Dream Team and The Bone Collector, all on my best friend HBO, while writing warm personal notes on 200 holiday cards.

Take a walk.

Light a candle when the sun starts to lower, which it does around here at like twenty past twelve in the afternoon.

Dig out those footed pj’s.


Go to bed early.

You’re not in charge of as much as you think you are; God can probably handle the sunrise tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday! Stay Out of the Malls

  1. This was almost calming to me….I actually considered taking the suggestions….then the kids all woke up and we have about 47 sporting events and play-dates and and and…..I want a roast, I wanna read the funnies….NOT HAPPENIN HERE SISTA! But thanks for trying…..consider yourself followed…

  2. I appreciate the comment to my comment….glad my messages get through….hope you enjoy my blogs as well…..I am writing one today….been a few days and this one will quite possibly get the attention of major hollywood producers and world leaders at large.

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