Have Some Vitamins

sleeping bats



And while we’re talkin’ night creatures as I was yesterday,  how can I forget the time I came into the kitchen at 6am, sleepily reached for the uncapped plastic bottle where I keep my vitamin C, and, while the coffee was brewing, tipped it up toward my mouth….

Only to find  alive and sleeping  bat folded up inside it like a gentleman’s umbrella.

The spokes of its velvety wings,

its bony shoulders,

that small scowling face:

all were mere inches – nay, centimeters from my open mouth.

Add THAT to the things you never get over in your life. Talk about your gag reflex. I could scream even now thinking of it …

I almost ate it screaming woman

8 thoughts on “Have Some Vitamins

  1. Terry, when did this happen? I loved the bats in my back yard, and they’ve disappeared over the past couple of years. I’m so worried that they’ve succumbed to the white nose virus that’s killing so many of them!

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