Scared Shirtless?

Daniel Craig ShirtlessThoughts on the new James Bond film Skyfall:

Thought One: Daniel Craig takes off his shirt every ten minutes so we can all study his torso.  A half hour into the movie I felt like 1,000 mothers  examining their kids’ chests for signs of measles.

Thought Two:  Mighty small nipples!

Thought Three: Bond gets shot with a high-powered gun, falls of a moving train and goes over a waterfall, seemingly downs and still doesn’t die? Reminiscent of Tom Hanks meeting Darryl Hannah-the-mermaid in Splash.

death by drowning Splash

Thought Four: Motorcycle chase along the tops of buildings in Istanbul: this isn’t E.T. and Elliot on the bike!

E.T & Elliot

Thought Five: Of course not! No full moon… !

Thought Six, on Javier Bardem in the film: Here’s an argument for Polident, yikes. (No picture from the film here… Spoiler.)

Thought Seven, on the movie in general. I didn’t fall asleep once during the whole 2 hour and 23 minute thing, for a workaholic like me , well that’s akin to a miracle.

asleep at the movies

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