It’s the People Watching



What I like best on any cruise is the people-watching.

Seeing the way folks lick their ice cream down for example.

I could watch that all day, and did in fact, since they serve ice cream all day long out by the pool on Deck 9.

Some eat it the way a cat would.

Others more puppy-style as in Down the hatch! in one quick gulp.

To me the people-watching is the best fun thing about all travel.

I remember being at Disney World one day when the weather was so hot Snow White was running sweat all down her back under that satiny costume.

We were tolling along the main drag trying to fight our way toward Space Mountain, that famous indoor ride with the twists and turns where we figured we could cool off anyway if we could ever get there and here came this red-faced father walking fast behind his ten-year-old son.

“Slow down!” he hollered at the boy. “I told you 50 times stop running ahead!”

The boy stopped, turned.

“Dad I’m not even walking fast,” he said.

“You shut your mouth or I’ll take off my belt!”

“Dad, you’re not wearing a belt.”


That’s some pretty good people watching, when you get to see someone make a jackass of himself in front of a hundred witnesses.

Of course it’s all much milder on a cruise ship. It’s more like being in a room with a lot of sleeping zoo animals. People sure look funny when they fall asleep with their mouths open!

We had the chance to watch a lot of people because we hung out on deck three where sooner or later everyone passes by on their way to the Casino or the Chapel, the Library or the Fun Shops.

The cabins are lovely, paneled in warm wood with balconies and ingeniously-designed little bathrooms where every surface sparkles and the towels are infinite in number and the water from your shower never ever slops onto the floor but still….

You want to have maximum fun on a cruise curl up in one of those window seats and watch the whole parade of humanity pass by.

It’s the Canterbury Tales all over again.

Here’s Nan doing that on our last cruise, book in hand.  

One thought on “It’s the People Watching

  1. Nan looks great! Tje sea matches her eyes. But damn, I tried with a high powered magnifier but still I couldn’t make out the title of her book.

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