Talk amongst yourselves

Talk amongst yourselves, as our teachers used to tell us when they wanted to nip into the hallway and gossip with a colleague. That’s my way of saying I don’t have much entertainment for you today.

What did I do yesterday that could entertain you or make you laugh?

Not much.

Um. I saw Lincoln after school but that was only awesome and not funny at all  –  unless it’s funny to see what a wonderful wreck is Tommy Lee Jones’s face nowadays, Tommy Lee who Old Dave played football with at Harvard when he looked so nice. (Well, MY Dave STILL looks nice.)

What else?

I got a kick out of studying the Subaru-and Prius-jam in the Whole Foods parking lot yesterday. I couldn’t park!

So I went instead to the good of Stop & Shop at 6 o’clock this morning to beat the crowds, thinking I could fashion a centerpiece out of a few bronze-colored mums and some vegetables: I thought two pomegranates, a few artichokes and some of those nice bumpy squashes that look like the nose on that e Rembrandt self portrait.

BUT wasn’t open yet, and here I thought I was so ahead of myself, having gotten up at 4am to bring a kid into the airport. (Safe travels Hazees!) And now it’s 8 am and here I am three hours late posting.

I have to take a bath, make breakfast, bring two guys to work, and hit Hi-Lo Aerobics by 9:30, all before beginning my real work of the day involving writing for pay, polishing silver, opening the dining room table and standing amidst yards and yards of linen tablecloth which wrinkles as quick as you iron it .

Ah well. Have fun talking  amongst yourselves, as I say. Your stories are doubtless more interesting than mine anyway

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