Today I’m Keeping my Focus Close

I’m keeping my focus in close today I think – not much past my own front yard in fact.

I need the rest.

So this is what I see these days, on the frosty autumn mornings.

I see the milky morning light as it plays on the landscape. We live on the corner so we get a good a good look around at things.

I note that the ivy is growing on our house again. How hard it was to see it all stripped off last year so the painters could paint! It’s coming back now, if slowly. It’s about up to my head where it climbs the chimney with those tenacious tendrilled fingers.

I see that the birds are vying for the last berries on the hawthorn tree…..

I see all this.

And I see these stalks of oat grass if that is even oat grass, bought at Whole Foods the people who would sell you back the dirt under your shoes if they could figure out how to get it away from you long enough for to mark it up in true Whole Paycheck style.

Still, it’s pretty, the oat grass.

I see my pumpkin, nibbled even more that it was last week by this little guy and his pals, all seeking to plump up before the real cold comes.

And speaking of the real cold, something special happened yesterday morning: The ginkgo tree lost all its leaves within an hour’s time, as is its custom.

Here is what it looks like. I just love seeing – and hearing – this happen every year. What is the ginkgo’s lesson for us do you think.

6 thoughts on “Today I’m Keeping my Focus Close

    1. Nature certainly does. Thankful for the lessons you have taught us all; while learning them yourself. More than one has put a wide grin on our faces when needed. Have a great day and take this spiritual hug from far away. ()

      Just shared one of your ideas of having a gratitude file on Facebook.

  1. I just loved seeing that Ginko losing it’s leaves. It is amazing and I never knew they were gone all at once. Also love seeing your entire house. Lovely!

  2. I have missed talking to you Becky.. Yeah this is our house that we have had as many as ten people living in. YOU will come here one summer (next summer?) with your kin right? easier to get to than the lake and just as much room !

  3. I guess the ginko’s lesson is let go quickly of emotions that do no good – guilt, regret, worry, Clear out the mental garbage! But what’s the noise all about?

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