Let Go

I guess everyone gets hungry, and squirrels do love a nice fresh pumpkin.

We have to just accept it.

‘Feed my sheep,’ said Jesus when somebody asked what work they should be about after he was gone.

Look after everybody, he meant and maybe by sheep he meant not just the wayward flock of bipeds known as human but all creatures.

So there’s a hint about how we should live: mindfully, gratefully.

e.e. cummings wrote If swallows tryst in your barn, be glad, nobody ever earns anything , everything little looks big in a mist….  So when raccoons apply those fine little fingers to our trash bags, I guess we should be glad too.

My sister Nan  in  Florida feeds her neighboring raccoons whole turkey carcasses which she heaves into her yard forest’s edge and they love her for it.

You have to detach from the outcome, the sages all  tell us. Give your gift to the world. Set out those plump orbs of vegetable gold. Then what happens, happens.  Anyway we’re all just passing through.


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