Sick of the Slugfests Yet?

Stayed up late to watch the slug fest last night.

Anyway it felt late.

I had foodshopped,


written a column,

worked on pictures and copy for the newsletter the guys and are roducing to tell the world about what’s new with the Winchester Chapter of A Better Chance (ABC.)

All of that took the day.

Then I made Old Dave supper,

then attended a dinner meeting, bringing the dessert,

Attended my book group meeting, bringing the wine….

and STILL got over to David’s brother’s house to join all the Marotta brothers except for the one out in Tucson in order to watch last night’s slugfest.

So this morning, to bring us together and TRY to knit up the body politic again,  two great videos, the first of Bill Cote doing Mitt Romney’s pretend twin brother Spitt. It’s silly and funny to imagine such a character bring related to the elegant Mitt –

And then this longer video about Luis Ortiz who “does” President Obama.

Watch them both, have a laugh and – remember the old song?  – C’mon people now, smile on your brother everybody get together gonna love one another right now.

Woo! God bless America! Thank you! Vote on November 6th!

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