Nice Day

I made the most of the holiday I think. I did Nia, the dance class at the Y that I love most of all. Then I drove two towns over to drop the legs of an old 1920s table off at Michael’s house. (And it’s not just any table; it’s the table once belonging to Michael’s great grandmother when she a new bride in this new bustling country. I will maybe also say it’s not just any Michael but my own Michael, my own final child, a child no longer alas alas.)

Here he is with Old Dave a few years back:

Anyway I had refinished the table legs for him and was carrying them up his driveway to leave on his back porch. It’s a pretty tight fit with his car right there as you can see…..

….And somehow my back pocket got caught on the faucet and SHOT a world of water all down the inside of my pants.

That was pretty funny, if damp. I don’t have a picture of my pants but here at the top is a picture of the table legs where you may or may not be able to see the drops of water.

They got wet too.

Then … it was back to my house to collect these two guys so we could have lunch together and they could carry a big seven-foot long buffet from the cellar and put it in the back of the Red Dragon here. Machias is one the left, striking a pose for fun. Gamaral is just looking grave and intelligent the way he always does.

That done, they played touch football out front, with three other boys and I went upstairs to write.

The clouds had come in by then but I was happy because I knew we were going to our girl Annie’s house for dinner as soon as I finished dropping the buffet off at her sister’ Carrie’s place. It was for Carrie’s sake that we hoisted that coffin of a buffet.

Annie fed us well – she always does. David left at 7:00 to play tennis and watch Monday Night Football with his pals but I stayed until almost 10:00.

So there it is, a day like many another day, with not much work and many small pleasures.

Glad to have had it I was. Glad enough too, I guess, to be returning to work today, rainy day or not.

4 thoughts on “Nice Day

  1. do you get rain out there in the land of gold? I love old pieces too and would go to Ikea maybe in another lifetime if I came back as someone who ENJOYED putting stuff together 🙂

  2. The newest unearthing of our Italian roots makes me wonder if that table from Princeton Street is 40 or 50 years older than previously assumed. Perhaps Mike can find out. From Leone second-cousins I’ve learned that my paternal grandmother Josephine Leone, aka Maria, and Giovani (evidently was inclined to change her first name twice!), arrived in the North End lived there with her parents for three or four decades before her future husband Joseph arrived. She was the youngest of five children, had four older brothers, and has produced the enormous clan of Leone second cousins we have today.

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