Life Is Life – Even on Vacation




Life is life, even on vacation.

Three of us got splinters from the deck here on Kiawah Island.

One of us refused to let anyone take it out and ran screaming from the room at the mere sight of  the super-pointy surgical another one of us carries. The child hid for hours.

One  submitted to the surgery which you see going forward on the left here.

And one of us hoped her splinter would just plain go away, along with her computer problems, or, she hoped, maybe she could just arrange to die before she had to have hers dug out.

Anyhow it was vacation still, so we admired the sights…

Like the Kiawah River here in the Low Country …

We also went for a boat ride, sometimes going really F-A-S-T!

During that voyage, the baby dropped my water bottle into the drink though the boat’s captain did circle around and retrieve it, so as to keep things nice for all the creatures living in it.


It was heaven.

It’s been heaven, though one of us got bitten by a crab.

Five of us went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant last night….

And four of us stayed home, three of us reading Curious Garage and the Hardy Boys and one dreaming her baby dreams.

I was the stay-at-home girl that time.

The tide got high.

The tide got low.

And finally finally finally I heeded all the advice I have had here,

counted what’s left of our money,

changed out of my bathing suit,

was gone for three-and-a-half hours on a pilgrimage to Charleston,

and came back at last from the closest Apple store,

with a sleek new MacBook Pro, which allows me to tell all this here. Yay!

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