Radio Silence

It’s our family vacation but there was a slight pause in the fun for me with this busted laptop.

I’m together with everyone for the week so my kids are around. When I came down from our bedroom in this rental house and said I had this weird message every time the laptop crashed, they asked what the message was.

“Well it seems to say, ‘That’s all she wrote Jim!’ and then everything goes away.”

“Mum! That’s not a message Microsoft would send you! You have a virus!”

Now when I personally have a virus I know it because I usually have a temperature.

Not so with my laptop. And a person born like me from the Eisenhower years can go on for a quite a long time without realizing that something is very much amiss.

People like me are old and when you are old you get used to certain facts: Things break, wear out, go rusty.

The shower faucet in our bathroom in this vacation-house went awry sometime yesterday morning and poured only super-scalding water, with the result that I had to go to the food store with salt and probably clam bodies still nesting in my hair.

My hair feels like straw and tastes like pretzels even now, with the thing still busted.

It makes me jealous of certain other members of my family on this vacation, with their bald or near-bald heads….

More soon I hope. Writing this much on my smartphone.

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